The pie.ology Kitchen

March 27, 2017 Liesl Orford


The Story of the pie.ology Kitchen

There came a time when I realized I desperately needed some help making hand pies! 

And so began my journey looking for the perfect place. We looked at many, many locations of all kinds throughout Thunder Bay.  The goal, the primary purpose of finding a location was to have a place to make pies and hire help so I could better serve my customers at the Thunder Bay Country Market.

When I found the location on Bay Street I thought it would have been a great place to make pies. But it wasn't. Through many trials and tribulations for over a year, I realized it wasn't coming together and made the brave decision to walk away from a location that just wasn't working. My motto became "instead of trying harder, try differently." 

As soon as I made this decision, I knew I had absolutely made the right one.

Many weeks passed. And then one day we stumbled upon the perfect little pie.ology kitchen.  It's not too big, not too small-- just right! Within two weeks it was painted and renovated and we moved in October 15, 2016!

I love it!
I was able to hire two staff right away. These ladies, Janine and Brandi, have been absolutely amazing. They care about our customers, just like Dan and I do, and have incredible attention to detail. I am so happy they have joined our team.
Space to make pies is everything!
We are always having a laugh and lots of fun at the Kitchen!
Janine out the door after a long pie making day. 

While this little workspace is a pie production kitchen only, (no pie pick ups at this location) it is exactly what I had hoped for.  A place where we can create a place to dream and most importantly, a place to make lots of pies to bring to the Thunder Bay Country Market! So how great is that!? It really did come together in the end. 


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