Liesl's Story

After many years of working alongside children, youth and their families, Alberta girl, Liesl Orford moved to Thunder Bay in the summer of 2013. To make ends meet she started making the Ploughman's Hand Pie and has never looked back.

Her pies are made using seasonal, fresh and local fruits, vegetables and meats which are then encased in delicious handmade butter pastry and freshly baked resulting in the ultimate, tasty pie!

Liesl has also become a widely popular Market Vendor and Thunder Bay business woman. A large part of her notoriety stems from her warm and caring nature, her cooperative spirit and pie.ology's staffs consistent effort to deliver a high level of service to each and every person who enters the Market.

It is the positive interactions that are had over pie that Liesl hopes every pie.ology customer experiences and remembers ♥︎