Local Suppliers

pie.ology is both fortunate and proud to consistently partner with the following local producers and suppliers at various times of the year

Sandy Acres Farm (pork + beef)
Bogdala's Smoked Meats (smoked bacon for our Classic and Big Breakfast hand pies.)
North Country Meat Shop (locally smoked ham for our Ham & Swiss + Mild Italian Sausage for our Ploughman's hand pies.)
The Commissary (locally smoked ham for our East End Breakfast pies)
Thunder Oak Cheese Farm (swiss cheese)
Belluz Farm & Superior Seasons Food Market (strawberries and other vegetables)
Binnendyk Orchard (apples)
B + B Farms (potatoes)
Rose n Crantz Roasting Co. (Coffee for the rich chocolate cake we use in our Chocolate Cherry Cake mini hand pie.)
Slate River Dairy (milk, cream)