Hand Pies Given With Heart 

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On December 24th at 4:00 pm, I am going to get into my car and drive hot meat pies to families that may have nothing to eat, or very little hope this Christmas Eve.
I am going to purchase the flour, meat, and vegetables. My staff and I will be making the hand pies leading up to Christmas and freeze them.  I will include a few hearty varieties to fill the belly in addition to the Ham + Swiss which mostly all children love.  Pies will be baked and boxed beautifully on Christmas Eve and personally delivered to struggling families.  It is my goal to deliver hot meat pies to 10 families on this night.
How Can You Help?

Do you know of someone, or a family that has nothing? Who perhaps has had a very rough year and could use a hot meal and to be remembered at Christmas time?

  • a single parent who is really just trying to do his best and having difficulty
  • a family with many kids struggling to make ends meet
  • a youth who is out there on his/her own
  • a person/family who has lost someone at Christmas time and really doesn’t cope well during this time of year.
  • someone who is addicted to cocaine, heroine or methadone who is currently unable to access services right now
  • a single or elderly person who possibly has no one this Christmas who might enjoy a visit from me and a hot meal
  • someone who might not be currently accessing services in Thunder Bay but who you think would really benefit.
(((what do I mean by this?? When I worked in Human Services and the schools in Alberta I realized that there are so many that go under the radar who are not accessing services at all, whereas others are connected to community programs, agencies in town and government programs)))
To notify me of a person or family, please email at 
  1. BUTTER   The main ingredient in my pies is butter. I require butter to make the pie dough—and need lots of it. If you have a brick of butter (one pound, preferably salted) to spare, I would greatly appreciate this donation.
Butter Donations can be dropped off at Bogdala’s Deli (this is where we get all of our bacon for the Breakfast Pie) on Simpson Street during regular business hours.

Tuesday-Friday 9:30 am-5:30 pm and Saturday 9-5   


Are you free at 4:00 on Christmas Eve for one hour? Do you drive? I need help driving the pies to the families. Volunteers will meet with me at the pie.ology kitchen on Christmas Eve at 4:00.  We will bundle up and drive out together to make our deliveries.  

If you are able to donate your time to help deliver pies with me, please email
It is hard to know what to do sometimes when the headlines are so awful, both abroad and right here in our own community in Thunder Bay.  My commercial kitchen is located right beside the Food Bank (St Vincent De Paul) and a block away from the Homeless Shelter. While there are many food drives for canned items, fundraisers, toy drives, coat drives--there is no/very little hot food being delivered for children, youth and families except for the Salvation Army Soup Truck, but even still-- you must go to it. I want to change this concept. Little acts, such as remembering someone can offer a seed of hope. And hope is everything.


Thank you.

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pre-order for Saturday November 25



Little round hand held pies as pictured above. Tart and mildly sweet with a heart cut out. Really delicious warm with vanilla ice cream on the side.


Sandy Acre Farms beef + pork with creamy potato, onion and sage, savoury and allspice. Classic French Canadian Meat Pie.

$5.50 ea


Was not planning on having this back for awhile but the requests for this little guy have been unreal so I thought I would make everyone happy this Saturday!! :) 

Smoked Ham, Thunder Oak Cheese Farm Swiss + Monterey + Cheddar

$5.00 ea



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Prior to Thursday November 23 at 6 pm.

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Project Christmas Eve UPDATE coming soon as well as the Christmas Pre-Order Menu! Stay tuned :)